translation : mathematical, computing & telecommunications, business & scientific


some recent translation jobs - end 2009 - French to English

statistics research Feb-2010 reseach paper (convergence, regression estimator, dependant variables)
statistics/economics research Dec-2009 reseach paper (contingent valuation in ecology, statistical discriminant analysis)
university 2008 tri-partite placement agreement (student, company, university)
statistics research lab 2006 statistical analysis (heavy metal pollutants in flax crops)
telecommunications company 2004 company web site and other presentations (html and ppt)
quality and safety audit company 2004 legal and quality (France/UK legal framework for construction standards)
various professionals since 2005 curriculum vitae (advisory role, especially for technical and professional CVs)

further information is available upon request   training, teaching, lecturing, translation, consulting, information systems management, e-business, web site development, search positioning
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