jan wikramaratna

internet & perfect translation :
web communication, positioning, bilingual site design, javascript
  education & training :
english language, project management, computing, java programming, e-business, information systems
  information systems advisory :
management, information security, logistics & manufacturing systems, erp, edi

welcome // bienvenue : Students from IAE Rouen, IFI, CESI, ESIGELEC, ESC Rouen, ESITPA, EWSIEWS, Negocia-Advancia, P & L, and others : you may find information related to my classes in Information systems, Web design, Project Management, e-Business, or e-Procurement/e-Sourcing, here on this site.

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consultant & lecturer, information systems, project management, web site design & positioning : ABC Bookshop: the english bookshop in Rouen - Atelier 13: lampshades and decor, Rouen - Club Nautique de Belbeuf: rowing club, Belbeuf (near Rouen) - Château d'Yville: a historical monument, Yville-sur-Seine (Normandy) - Lanka Guide: understand why Sri Lanka is one of the world's truly special places, and find a chauffeur-guide for your holiday or cultural visit - Anura Kurukulasuriya: a chauffeur-guide for your holiday in Sri Lanka specialising in cultural and historical visits - Orchids in Normandy: photos of wild orchids in Normandy, 2005, 2006 - ABC Bookshop, Rouen: specialist bookshop in Normandy for your reading, teaching, and learning in English